Your Setback is Someone Else’s Answered Prayer

Recently I started a new job, and after only a few days I’ve already encountered two very different individuals that were suffering from anxiety and depression. One of which was a young man in a drug and rehabilitation center. He shared stories with me about his 15 year struggle with alcoholism. He told me that he was in rehab, and had been in rehab once before. He also shared with me that anxiety was the root of his alcoholism. That;s when I told him about some of my coping methods, and how I became free of anxiety through my relentless pursuit of Christ. He was quite intrigued by my ability to overcome anxiety within a matter of months because if my relationship with Christ. What was interesting about that encounter is that the second day I met another person who also suffered from anxiety as well as depression. She had asked if I met anyone interesting on the job yet, and I told her about the gentleman in rehab that I had shared some anxiety coping mechanisms with. She became very curious about the coping mechanisms, and told me that she also suffered from anxiety and depression. She asked a lot of questions about how I came to be free, and that’s when I was able to tell her that my relationship with Christ is what did it for me. I told her that I tried the law of attraction, I tried yoga, I tried meditation, and none of it worked. After bringing all of my worries and struggles to God, I was free within a matter of months. She told me that she kept hearing that from people who have suffered with anxiety. She keeps hearing that God did it for them. I also told her about some dietary changes that I made (I’m currently transitioning into a vegan) that have minimized the effects of anxiety. After it was all said and done she thanked me for talking to her.

Whats interesting is that I only took this job so that I can have something while I wait to hear back from the job that I REALLY want. I’ve been praying about this job for a while, and did not know why the selection process had been held up. You may also be experiencing a setback. You may think that it is a delay, but it may just be a set up so that you can be a blessing to someone else with what God has downloaded into you. You may be someone else’s hope. You may be someone else’s answer to a prayer. So handle your delay with peace and patience because you may just be delayed on PURPOSE. Now I’m very thankful for the setback because if I had not been delayed, then there may be two more people in this world that did not know that Christ is the answer to all of their problems. Be thankful for your setback.

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