Need help walking through your journey toward managing your anxiety? Here you’ll find spiritual gems of wisdom, shifts in perspective, and science-based tips that will help you sap your anxiety it of its mentally paralyzing power.

This site was launched in 2017 as an aid for young women dealing with anxiety disorders, and those who need help managing life’s day to day worries. If you desire to be free of your stress and worries so that you can be the best version of yourself, then you’re in the right place. Here you will find a combination of encouragement, information, and tools to help you manage.

Just last year I was riddled with anxiety, and it began to spiral out of control. Every day was a struggle. The smallest things would trigger me, hours would be lost ruminating on the mentally debilitating thoughts. I felt like I was not moving forward in life.

I decided to forego the medications, and began to seek God like never before. As I began to seek the Lord I realized that there were certain shifts in perspective that were key to overcoming the mentally crippling thoughts. All of this was just under a year ago. Today, I am discovering who I am, and loving it. I am full of faith, and thankful for it. I am resilient, continuously building confidence, and successfully tackling anxiety as it arises. Read and comment to find out more about how I’ve found success in my journey. Email me at thetranquilthought@gmail.com for questions, and if you see something that can help a friend share!

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